Creeper The Band ( LA Arts Dist Before it was Cool )

Creeper The Band ( LA Arts Dist Before it was Cool )

Creeper originated by Mike Clark (Suicidal Tendencies) and by Mike Jensen aka "Milkbone" (Beowulf). In the mid 1990's Suicidal took a break for over a year so. Drinking at Kifune in Venice one night, Clark and Milk were talking and decided to try and mix MiLk's Hip Hop beats with Clark's heavy guitar riffs. Clark, MiLkBoNe, and Milk's partner Jimmie "51" Romero put together a 17 song demo in their home studio.

 Song's like "Sick Fuck, A Day at The Beach, Dysfunktion, Hate Rhymes, Psychobabble, and a shit load more. They gave the DAT tape to Mike Muir and Albert R. at Suicidal Records, and shortly after Mike had them in the studio recording a full length record. You can hear the home studio recordings by picking up "Creeper - The Songs That Must Not Die... at our Store.

The pro recordings of the same tracks will be available soon here at Shortly after Sucidal got back together and Clark obviously had commitments, so we found ourselves without a guitarist, as MiLkBoNe was strictly vocals, and Clark had hard shoes to fill. Prior Infectious Grooves guitarist Dave Nassi (Adam Siegal's replacement) was quick to join CREEPER. Creeper's live show and song's matured.

 They started having bigger turnouts. MiLk still had is solid rhythm section; Miguel Alvarado & Art Flores on bass. It must have been the Chemistry, because this was a confident and aggressive Creeper. This line up lasted one year, Dave lived in Huntington Beach and Art had troubles getting here from Chino. We had to let the band fold once again. A few months later a frustrated Jensen called his 15 year drummer Michael Alvarado to see if he was down to reform Creeper. That is exactly what they did. 

They hired original/favorite bass player Jason Benton instantaneously,they also picked up a local keyboardist Jose Nicholas to play the keys and help write songs. A friend from S. Pasadena who was a lot different on the guitar than Clark or Nassi joined the band. Music was in a strange place. No Doubt and Sublime were dying out, the was No good rap jumping off. Live music was in. This was about 1996. 

During a band meeting Jensen suggested to band members that with their new music, to let all the rules go. "Fuck making a punk record, hip hop record, thrash record, or anything else we've ever done." Let's just go with our blackened hearts and make it strange. The record they began to write was to be called "Lost Dog" which shifts from Hip Hop, to Ska, to Lounge, to Latin, to Punk, to Thrash, to Blues, to Reggae, and then to what they had always been familiar with Thrash.

 The record got great reviews and recognition. Shortly have Creeper added to two man horn section who you can be heard on "Lost Dog."Playing and promoting "Lost Dog" had the band playing tighter than ever. One song from Lost Dog "Handguns and Heroin" can be found on "Suicidal Tendencies "Friends & Family 2," another one "Rollin in the rain" can be found on Infectious Grooves' "Borracho" both released on Suicidal Records. Two tracks from the first version of Creeper "Dysfunktional" and "A Day at The Beach' can both be found on Suicidal Tendencies "Friends and family 1." Creeper is currently adjusting their line up and putting the final touches on "A Venice High Dropout" due out early next year on Piranha Recordz - Venice Ca

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Creeper  "Lost Dog " C.D.

Creeper "Lost Dog " C.D.

"The Songs That Must Not Die"  C.D.

"The Songs That Must Not Die" C.D.

Creeper "Lost Dog" Digital Downloads

Creeper "Lost Dog" Digital Downloads

OG Creeeper Logo RxCx  Shirt

OG Creeeper Logo RxCx Shirt